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Usually sequestered in the studio, sometimes I get out to look for some inspiration & motivation.

Bill & Soupy at the Orleans Casino in fabulous Las Vegas
Here's Bill & the worlds greatest comic, Soupy Sales.

Bob likes his Shunk Daddy Grind T-shirt
Bob Moog gets a Shunk Daddy Grind t-shirt at  NAMM January, 2003

Dr. Moog passed away in August, 2005
He touched many of our lives with his innovations.
May we all learn from and appreciate his contribution to modern music.
Dr. Robert Moog

Blii gives a CD to Dick Dale, the father of surf guitar, at NAMM 2003
I gave a demo CD of the surf songs by 
Zakas/Illegitimus Non Carborundum
to Dick Dale, the father of surf guitar.


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comments about eye surgery.

a special thank you to Greg Lake/Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Bill McClirk is featured on Zakas' new CD
Illegitimus Non Carborundum

Bill McClirk plays on 
Shunk Daddy Grind
by Zakas

"Shunk Daddy Grind" "Hard Money"  merchandise  fave-o-link

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Go to Hell !!!

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