in the studio with Emerson, Lake and Palmer 3/94
I had the good fortune to be able to spend an afternoon with ELP
at a recording studio in L.A. courtesy of 96.3KKLZ in Las Vegas.
At the time I was a part time musician and I commented to Greg Lake
that "I still kept my day job." He replied "it can become your day job."
I thank him for the good advice. It has come to fruition.
Below are some pics of that day. (click on pic to enlarge)

Carl Palmer and Bill McClirk in the studio 3/94           Lin (KKLZ), Keith Emerson, Bill McClirk            GregLake-BillMcClirk
  Carl Palmer & catface       Lin, Keith, catface, ?    Greg mugs, I play his guitar

Greg Lake & Lin (KKLZ)             GregLake-BillMcClirk 
Greg & Lin                          2 mugs?     

Ed ocean from The Guitar Center
Eddie O

Lin Aubuchon was promotions director at 96.3KKLZ in Las Vegas and
coordinated the trip. Ed Ocean from The Guitar Center was cool enough
to bring 2 guitars for the band to sign. I still have one.

Joe Lucero (from Gypsy Blue) and a friend joined
me and my lovely wife, Patty for a memorable day.

more photos coming

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I know the midi file doesn't do the song justice, but it's better than waiting 10-15 minutes for a wav file.
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