Brand Old

One day, in the not too distant future, we'll be out of natural resources and knee deep in garbage.

Resources can't last forever.
We need answers now.
Recycle you psychos!

Rain forests burn,
wheels of progress turn,
we scrape the bottom
of the barrel,    
Brand Old.

Red tide, strip mines, in time you will find, when there's no more, all will be
Brand Old.

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Can't you see that we're
stripping the earth, there's
nowhere to put all the waste. 
Rivers are turning into cesspools,
our Mother is being defaced.

Can't you see that
we're killing the trees,
faster than new ones can grow.
Raping the earth, full speed ahead,
now it's too late to slow.

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Zakas:percussion & rhythm programming   Chip Chrovian;guitar
Bill McClirk:keyboards, b.g.vocal    Brad Smith;bass
Dana Snyder;vocal   Mia Calderone;vocal   George Hilan;vocal
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