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Master Oudist
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download mpeg video of John Bilezikjian in Paradise Studio, Las Vegas 6-11-2000
click on song title(allow 3-5 minutes to download on a 56k modem)
1. Armenian Fishermans Dance (Sevana Zgnorsnerou Bar)
2. Here Comes The Sun                3. Taksim
*video may be a little dark but it was an impromptu session and we didn't have time to set up lights
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all styles of music for all occasions including all Middle-Eastern, Armenian, Egyptian, Greek, Jewish,
Ladino, Lebanese, Medieval, Sephardic, Spanish, Turkish and specializing in music for belly dancing

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visit John's website   or email
for all bookings including clubs, concerts, movies and TV, special occasions
phone/fax (949)581-5664       pager (949)595-1628
Dantz Records  P.O.Box 2434   Laguna Hills, CA  92654-2434

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Egyptian Oud pic courtesy of
Karoun-Karoun (Spring-Spring) midi file courtesy of

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