Tremble Tremor
    Mother Earth strikes back after
   being used and degraded by mankind.

I gave you all a place to live, so many take and not give.
I always supplied your needs, why do you bite the hand that feed

Genesis 6:13      Isiah 51:6    Jeremiah 10:10

When my tides turn, in ignorance you'll burn.
I'll drown my sorrows, in your last tomorrows

Ezekial 38:20, 38:22, 38:23    Revelations 11:18, 21:5

You try my patience `till the end. It's too late, once it begins.
Just waiting for God's command. Retribution will be at hand

   I'm going to make you (tremble), I'm going to shake you (tremor)
It's not nice to screw Mother Nature.

Zakas:percussion & rhythm programming
   Bill McClirk:keyboards,vocal(megaphone scripture quotations)
Chip Chrovian:guitar  Dutch Hilan:leadguitar  Flipp:bass
  Mia Calderone:vocal Kelly McClain:Mother Earth's Orgasm

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