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suffering from dementia and radiation poisoning
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Yucca Mountain is 90 miles from Las Vegas and on an earthquake faultline
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How hot is nuclear waste?
I guess we'll find out soon if "Fat Bastard" Spencer Abraham has his way.

Welcome to Yucca Mountain...... a nuclear accident waiting to happen.







click here for Yucca Mountain facts

click here to read the governments lies

the governor of Nevada fights back

The DOE wants to build a 319 mile railroad and quotes price in 
"2001" dollars. Read the 12/30/03 Las Vegas review-Journal article

More Las Vegas Review-Journal articles about Yucca Mountain




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email the weasels in Washington and tell them we don't want a nuclear suppository

areas affected by transporting nuclear waste cross country
click on map to see if you're in the danger zone

looks like we're all screwed!!!
email the president and ask him why he lied to Nevada voters and is intent on poisoning us

email the weasels in Washington and tell them we don't want a nuclear suppository


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