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Bill McClirk is originally
from Baden, Pa., a small town northwest 
of Pittsburgh. After playing venues around 
the east coast and the midwest since the 
sixties,and working around Southern Cal. 
for13 years, it was time to move to
fabulous Las Vegas and form
McC Music, Inc./McC Records

the premiere Indie label of the new millenium
featuring new and diverse musical artists 
like Zakas, and recording 
and developing new artists like
Alan Broze Brad SmithKarla,
TC Funkland, Project Punishment,
Empire Of Kosmonauts, Morbious X
 The Investigators,
Island Tyme, and Battered Midgets

Recently collaborated with Rev.Bill Evans
in Las Vegas to form
Rev It Up
playing rock & soul favorites from the 60s, 70s, 80s

email: Bill McClirk

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In the studio

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Zakas & Bill at Mandalay Bay

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Bill and G. E. Hilan on the Great Wall of China

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Bill in Amsterdam

Bill & Patty in Belgium


Remember the 70s ? I miss the hair.



Bill McClirk is featured on Zakas' latest CD
Illegitimus Non Carborundum


Bill McClirk plays on 
Shunk Daddy Grind
by Zakas


"Shunk Daddy Grind" merchandise  fave-o-link 

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about my eye surgery nightmare.

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Do The Joey

a special thank you to Greg Lake/Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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