in the beginning, when man was struggling for
domination over the earth, it was instinct to conquer.
when all the predators were destroyed or tamed,
man turned on himself. survival of the strongest
has always been the unwritten law.

tech-nol-ogy has advanced our lives,
mankind remains in the past.
the course of the future is computerized
generation x may be our last. civil-i-zations
have come and gone, people dying for the cause.
nation against nation, constant war,
enforcing religion and their laws.

from sticks and stones to guns and bombs,
humans rely on violence. even peaceful protests
can turn deadly. the united states
gained the world’s respect and fear
when they dropped the atomic bomb.

our society, always looking for peace
activists try to make a change
violence of the cro’s is on the rise.
throughout history it’s still the same

killing one another is the human way.
lying, stealing, cruelty
millions of years, we haven’t
evolved, regressed by insanity

Zakas : percussion, rhythm programming, vocal
              Quinton Stephenson : guitar, angst and inhumanity                  
Bill McClirk : keyboards, bass, gregorian chant vocal
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