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Linda Angeline
Rob Batt

Dorian Bila
John Bilezikjian
Alan Broze
Tony Chavez
Chip Chrovian
Tarah Grace
James J. D'Arrigo
Lenny Diaz
Marcus Flippen




Steve Golden
Michael Gurciullo

George Hilan
Osama Bin Lardass

Kurtis May
Dennis Mellen

Magali Gomez-French
Brian Ortiz
John NiemsBilly Nunn
Miguel Rodriguez

Jerry Mundo

Hard Money



Jonathan Rem
Brad Smith
Bryan Smith
Karla Smith

Jeannie Snow
Bill Spoke
Jose Luis Tapia
Tommy Thompson
Nate Wingfield
Quinton Stephenson
Wendy's/Rolling Stone
 jingle winner

New Artists & Friends

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Bill McC

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music recording, production, & publishing
album design / 3D graphics / video production
I am semi-retired from audio and video
recording and editing as of July 1, 2008 and
will only consider special projects for friends.
Leave a message or email me if you have any questions.

for information on any of the above
call 702-454-2993 or email



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