the Desert of Desire trilogy
Believing that he's getting away, the thief is chased out of town and
into the desert of his demise. Exhausted, dying of thirst and hallucinating,
he sees her. She dances and teases as the moonlight reflects in her dark
eyes and the diamond in her navel. He must have the jewel that wears the jewel,
even if it means certain death. Mesmerized, stumbling, and mad with desire,
he follows her. In desperation, he lunges for the jewel, only to find himself
on his knees, alone in the sand, with only his greed and his lust.
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No Right turn
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Zakas:rhythm programming, percussion
Bill McClirk:keyboards, bass, minimoog
Chip Chrovian;guitar   Brad Smith:piano

Behind the Veil
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Zakas:rhythm programming, percussion
Bill McClirk:keyboards  Dorian Bila:guitar
Dana Snyder:vocal
Mia Calderone:vocal

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Jewel of Shalizar
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Bill McClirk:keyboards, bass
Tommy Thompson:soprano sax
Laurence T.:vocal

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Egyptian tapestry courtesy of Dr. Lonnie R. Hammargren
"Seductress" by Brom from Darkwerks
Shunk Daddy Grind  Hard Money
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