Knucklepuss was a 10yr. old gray & white neutered male domestic
short hair cat with a torn left ear.  He was last seen on Saturday
October 19,1996 in Paradise Crest (Sandhill/Flamingo/Pearl
area in Las Vegas). A reward was offered for his safe return.
My suspicion is that the old man up the street let his
grandaughter or grandniece steal my cat and lied to
me about it. Then the old bastard moved.

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I am not interested in adopting another cat.
I am only interested in the return of this special friend.
I already saved two other great cats in my search for Knucklepuss.
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This cat was a special comfort to me when
I was seriously visually impaired by a failed *radial keratotomy
(corneal refractive surgery intended to correct myopia) at

Nevada Eye and Ear
,  incompetently performed 5/6/94
If you are considering any kind of eye surgery, go somewhere else.
My eyes were seriously overcorrected, which seems to be a common problem with
this type of surgery, the T cut (for astigmatism) was too deep and too close to the
center of my cornea and my left globe was punctured.
I was finally referred to Dr. Kurt Buzard.

Doctors who practice refractive surgery always paint a rosy picture, but if it doesn't
work for you, it will change your life. A forced career change at 44 years old was not
welcomed or expected. Due to my visual impairment I was not able to return to my
previous job. I don't recommend any kind of eye surgery to anyone for any reason.
The trick is to find the right doctor. I initially chose the wrong one and paid dearly.

If you know anyone considering going
to Nevada Eye and Ear,
I strongly suggest somewhere else.

Dr. Kurt Buzard in Las Vegas treated my eyes 1994-1996.
Dr. Buzard stitched up my left eye and so far that's been the best result.
My right eye is toast and I still have really severe starburst 
and halos at night and my eyes are irritated and tear constantly.
Because of all the trauma I also have a cataract starting to blur my left eye.

And......I still have to wear glasses, which really don't help much.

3/12/2003 I finally got a new partial cornea graft.
Dr. Lee T. Nordan in Carlsbad, Ca. performed a Lamellar Keratoplasty 
on my right eye.
Got the stitches out of my eye 6/16/03 and my 
vision was still blurred. We waited 8 weeks and hit it with a 
laser again, the first PRK (8/21/03) since the partial transplant. 
The results so far have been less than satisfactory,
and I may have to consider another full corneal transplant.

Dr. Nordan referred me to his associate, Dr. Kent Wellish in Las Vegas.
Dr. Wellish's associate Dr. Peter DeBry performed a full cornea transplant on my left eye
(4/23/2007) and it's looking OK. Most of the swelling is gone and it's not too irritated.
It will take a while for my vision to sharpen up but it's great having a clearer cornea.

May 17, 2010 Dr.DeBry did a great job on my left eye cataract operation.
With some minimal correction (glasses) the vision in my left eye is 20/20.
In October, my right eye got the special cataract lens but the previous graft is
so irregular that it only corrected my vision to 20/70 with significant ghosting.
Hopefully some improved technology will be available soon to reshape that cornea.

Dr.DeBry performed a full cornea transplant on my right eye 2/13/2017.
Another great job. Thank you!
On 8/23/2023, after 16 years, Dr. DeBry replaced the graft on my left eye 
and as of 10/13/2023 it's healing nicely.

If you know anyone who is considering eye surgery of any kind,
let them read my story and email me for more information.

read more about corneal refractive surgery nightmares

It's like the never ending nightmare and it's 
all due to a greedy
"doctor's" incompetence.
It's no wonder that there's a health care crisis.

Contact me for more info.

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