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An alien starship, charting black holes, strays off course, and as
their vessel passes skylab, they intercept each others transmissions.

skylab to command center, how do you copy, houston? roger-fox-dog, skylab, what's your status?  we intercepted unidentified transmissions, originating from deep space, nebula sector. coordinates 2710S-9R. request systematic and parameter check. instrument and satellite check in progress, stand by...skylab, that's a negative on system malfunction. uploading unidentified signal and going to full alert status, repeat full alert status.  skylab, do you copy?

Zakas:percussion & rhythm programming,command center
Bill McClirk:keyboards,efx,skylab     Rob Batt: rhythm guitar & solos 1 & 3
       Brad Smith:bass               Chip Chrovian solos 2 & 4

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