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A man takes a job to feed his family,
knowing it is illegal, and his conscience
gets the best of him. The seals now
realize the difference between
photographers and poachers.

I moved to Alaska with
a promise of a better job.
Six months later, it fell through.
I have a wife and three kids.
What was I supposed to do?
I met a guy that said I could make more
money in one weekend than I could all week.
Yeah, it's illegal but what was I supposed to do?
All I had to do was load baby seals in the
back of a truck.Then they offered me more
money to club them. What was I supposed to do?
Now when  look in my children's eyes, I see them.
When my children cry, I hear them.
Now I'm looking down the barrel of a gun.
I know what I have to do.

Zakas: rhythm programming,
percussion, voice transformer
Bill McClirk: keyboards 
Phil Tanzer: guitar
Sean Smith: bass  
Laurence T: vocal                                                                  "ratchet" by Brom   
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