Shawn & Dennis
At The Casa D'Amore




Watch video of Gary Anthony and Dennis Mellen

   The last two weeks at Salvatore's have been a blast. Bartenders Cindy and Tammy are back with us, and business is booming. We've had a lot of special guets dining and sitting in, also. Last week, joining pianist Dennis Mellen were: Bobby Rydell, Lorraine Hunt, Dennis Bono, Gary Anthony, Tom Saitta, and more!!! Because of the showroom, the headliners have been known to drop by after the show Sundays for a late dinner, and stay well into the late evening. Dropping by recently were Tower of Power and Gerry and the pacemakers.
         SO, come join us for the fun, festivities, and the finest food at:
         SALVATORE'S Italian Steakhouse at The Suncoast.

Contact and booking info 702-313-5171 or email: DMELJAZ@aol.com

 Go directly to www.dennismellenmusic.com


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