SmakRulz/Jungle Karma
props, gloss, the bomb and smak
necks, greasers, gettin' run and jack
huge, huge, huge calls getting racked
epic, meltdown, outstanding,
awesome fax



These songs were written
as a tribute to our favorite
sports commentator, Jim Rome
Have a take, and don't suck!

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soundbyte or try an mp3

and don't forget "our boy Niems"

Zakas:rhythm programming,vocal                                            MadManHeadShot.gif (4542 bytes)
Bill McClirk:keyboards, announcer voice
Pat Bescup:guitar, 7-11vocal 
Chip Chrovian:bass,vocal

Dutch Hilan:voice of "the jungle" 
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Jungle Queen by Brom                                    
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