Mr Cheetah is being relocated to a game preserve.
Shot with a tranquilizer dart, this is his story as he fades in and out of consciousness


Cheetah can............Cheetah can............

My body............

Cheetah can't outrun metal bird in the

sky, `cause there's nowhere to hide

from a sharpshooter's eye.

I felt a sting, my

visions getting dim.

Everything's slow motion,

shapes are moving in.

I can see, but I cannot feel.

Will I be, someone elses meal?

My body's numb and my minds enraged,

paralyzed, defenseless,

locked up in a cage.

Loaded on a truck,

destination unknown.

Far away from this hunting

ground I used to call home.

I can see, but I cannot feel.

Will I be, someone else's meal?

Zakas: percussion & rhythm programming       Bill McClirk: keyboards & effects
Rob Batt: guitar   Flipp: bass   Carl Hampton of the now defunct Slydog : vocal
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