Rev. It Up!

Classic Rock and Soul…Rebooted
All vocals & instruments played live, no tracks.*

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April 21  Bounty Hunter (Windmill & Bermuda)

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In the Beginning, there was Soul and it Rocked and it was good.
Musicians created a joyful funky sound and it was waaaay good.
But alas some cleaved not unto the Soul and Rocked not and soon the world was
awash with bad metal bands and synth-pop groups with big hair. And it was not good.
But, hark, amid the terrible din a voice cried out and it was heard to say, “What is this crap.”
The voice sought out others and soon a band was formed. As the band looked to him for guidance
he became known as The Reverend. And they set out to reboot the sound of classic Rock ’n’ Soul.
That’s the legend anyway. However it really began, for three decades an ever-evolving group of musicians
have been celebrating the joys of real music with real soul and audiences from Long Beach to Las Vegas
have been celebrating right along with them. The mission of Rev. It Up is the pursuit of the party.
Whether your tastes run toward Memphis soul, cool rock and roll or horn-driven classics, this band can bring it.
With members who have real gold records on the wall and who have played with the Rolling Stones,
Robert Plant and the Temptations and high-profile gigs including the Playboy Jazz Festival, the members
of Rev It Up understand how to make an upscale audience drop their inhibitions and turn the stodgiest event
into a rocking, sweaty love shack. Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Chicago, ‘70s one-hit wonders or even
horn-driven takes on Hendrix, Journey and Zeppelin, the goal of every Rev It Up set is for at least one
person in the audience to exclaim “This is my FAVORITE song” during every song in every set.
Eight pieces. Four singers. All of your favorite dance and party music.
Totally pro, totally entertaining, a total party. Do you like good music? It’s time to Rev. It Up

                                                                                                                       Rev. Bill Evans


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