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Press Release - McC Cybergazette

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Do The Joey


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EL PUGILISTA by Jose Luis Tapia

Ahi'sta el Chupacabras

                         Featuring the hit Quinceanera                     Featuring the hit songs El Pugilista and Ahi'sta El Chupacabras

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Things Still Rock mp3
Hard Money mp3

Everybody's got a little soul  mp3
Evil Lying Woman mp3
I'll Take Little Suzy mp3
Strange One mp3
Choco-Lay mp3
Lesbo City mp3
Booze It Up mp3
Low Down Vagrant Blues mp3


Evangeline mp3
Get back n the right track/Lookin' for a place called home mp3
Don't go near that woman mp3
You got me again mp3
5th Street mp3
Deborah mp3
Don'tsign on the bottom line mp3
Hey Little Sister mp3

Land of Doom mp3
Dirty, Dirty mp3
Lovemakin' mp3



Gypsy Fever mp3
Mystery mp3
I'm in love with a face mp3
Hunger For Love mp3
I wanna sue somebody mp3
I gotta Run mp3
Land of Doom mp3
Someday mp3
Take Me As i Am mp3
Social Jive mp3


I wanna take you to a party mp3
Well I've Been Down Before mp3
Talk Things Over mp3
Two Beers and a Bowl of Chili mp3
Look at That Lazy Woman mp3
She's got the Love I Need mp3
It's Hard to Get Started mp3
My Desire mp3
Go Tell Your Mama mp3
She Lied mp3
Came to Her Senses mp3

Lazy Woman Shuffle mp3


Coming Soon!

Nobody's Lover Tonight



Coming Soon!



Don't Call Me Barbara mp3
More Than You Know mp3
Let Me Love You mp3

Hey You! mp3
Belladonna mp3

Nobody's Lover Tonight mp3
Magic Eyes mp3



Lesbo City 2021 mp3
Let Us Be mp3
Times are A Changin' mp3
Been There, Done That mp3
Woman and Woman mp3





Jerry Mundo Bio




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Alan Broze singing with Tommy Thompson in Las Vegas
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The Red, White and Blue mp3 for free

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McC Music, Inc./McC Records/Poppagutz Publishing(BMI)
The premiere Indie label from Las Vegas featuring 5 great breakout musical artists

(industrial/world/metal), Battered Midgets(comedy thrash)

Alan Broze
& 18 new artists and friends and featured artists & session players

Project Punishment - Melting Pot Of Sickness      Shunk Daddy Grind - the first album by Zakas      Battered MIdgets on yer sista's ass      ILLEGITIMUS NON CARBORUNDUM-"don't let the bastards grind you down"
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