A Vietnam veteran (USMC), my friend Alan came to me with an idea for a new patriotic 
song, dedicated to the victims and families of America's 2nd day of infamy, Sept. 11, 2001.
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The Red White and Blue

Red, is the passion
our great country was built on,
Black and White ,Yellow and Brown,
a Nation under God,
White, the purity of love
like a bride and a groom
we'll always stand united, we will not be divided,
there is too much to lose
Blue, are the waters surrounding the brave,
Patriots, from sea to shining sea

Red, The blood of innocence
volunteer's wearing the cross
unselfish courage of fighters charging in,
and now they're lost
White, the lifesaver's armor
trying to make some sense of it all
trying to do right, all thru the night
they have to be strong
Blue,the color of a clear sky
on that fateful morn
the second day of infamy
we'll forever scorn

Down, Down the twin towers fell.
The Pentagon was number three
The heroes took a vote, down came flight 93
Make no mistake about it, we'll always fight to be free
The Red White and Blue

Red, America's anger
stand united for justice and peace,
remembering the pain, of fallen victims slain
they have not died in vain
White knuckles, clenched fists of rage
history turns another page
don't turn the other cheek, no sign of being weak,
we won't die on our knee's
Blue, is the anchor that holds us together
a resolve that is true
we hold so dear
The Red White and Blue

Down the twin towers fell
The Pentagon was number three
The heroes took a vote, they reclaimed flight 93
Make no mistake about it,  We say "Don't tread on me"
The Red White and Blue

We'll always fight to be free, we won't die on our knees

Lyrics by-Broze-Zakas-McClirk-
Music by- Gary Hight

Alan Broze-Vocals
Dennis Mellen-Piano
Bill McClirk-Keyboards
Dorian Bila-Guitar
Red Michaels-Bass


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