George Hilan answered an ad for an audition with a national touring band.
He was led to believe he was going to be onstage with the Goo-Goo Dolls.

George Hilan, star of VH-1 Ambushed TV show.
George plays a mean guitar. As mean as yer sista's ass.

George freaked out when he realized that VH-1 deceived him every step of the way. 
But, he's on VH-1 getting plenty of face time.


The show, "Ambushed", is scheduled to air on VH-1 10pm December 27, 2002

I wanna watch gorilla hockey. With your sister.

Don't let VH-1 make a monkey out of you. George got some good airtime out of it, though.
All publicity is good publicity. Even engineer/producer Bill McClirk got some face time. (1/2 second)

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